About Federal Pacific

About Federal Pacific

Federal Pacific is a division of Electro-Mechanical Corporation, a privately held, American owned company founded in 1958. It is headquartered in Bristol, Virginia (USA) and manufactures a wide variety of products used in the generation, transmission, distribution and control of electricity. These products, along with various electrical equipment repair and maintenance services, are used by a diverse mix of Energy (coal, oil and gas), Electric Utility and Industrial customers worldwide.

Electro-Mechanical Corporation's Electrical Group has earned a "customer oriented" reputation by keeping its focus on providing the best value to our customers through quality products and services. With six manufacturing companies and two repair and service companies, the Electrical Group has over 650,000 square feet of modern manufacturing facilities, located in Virginia and Tennessee.

In addition to our corporate headquarters, we have a 20,000 square foot, full time stand alone Conference Centre for customer and employee training located in Bristol.

The Electrical Group companies have the following industry recognition:

Federal Pacific - Air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear in manual, automated distribution and smart systems. Models of live-front and dead-front pad-mounted switchgear (UL® Listed through 25kV), primary metering, pad-mounted capacitor banks, meta-enclosed switchgear (UL® Listed through 15kV), and wall-mounted switches and fuses are available. Dry-type transformers from .050 KVA through 10,000KVA single and three phase, up to 34.5kV, 150kV BIL with UL® listing through 15kV; vacuum pressure impregnation and epoxy shielded transformers. ISO 9001:2008 Registered.