About Federal Pacific Electric

If You Are Looking For Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) or Circuit Breakers And Panel Boxes?
We are not Federal Pacific Electric Company!

  • To our knowledge, the company that used to be Federal Pacific Electric Company no longer exists!
  • We are not related to nor a successor of Federal Pacific Electric Company!
  • We do not now nor have we ever manufactured, sold or distributed distribution boxes, panel boxes, circuit breakers or related products!
  • We first began manufacturing dry-type transformers and medium voltage switchgear under the name Federal

Pacific in 1987 and thereafter

  • We do not now nor have we ever used asbestos or PCBs in the transformers and switchgear that we manufacture and sell under our Federal Pacific Company banner!

Challenger Corporation acquired certain of the assets of the old Federal Pacific Electric Company from Reliance Electric circa 1986. Subsequent thereto, our company, Electro-Mechanical Corporation, purchased the assets of a dry-type transformer facility in Des Plaines, Illinois from Challenger. In conjunction with that purchase, we also acquired the right to use the name Federal Pacific in connection with our products.

The acquired assets were moved to Bristol, Virginia, and a facility was established where we began
manufacturing and marketing our own dry-type transformers under the name Federal Pacific Transformer Company.

Shortly thereafter, we acquired a medium voltage switchgear line from an unrelated company in Alabama, and in the early 90’s began marketing medium voltage switchgear using the name Federal Pacific Company.

Other product lines, such as the Stab-Lok circuit breaker line and related panel box lines, were purchased from Challenger by other companies, totally unrelated to us. Those companies have continued to use the Federal Pacific name and logo on their products in their markets in this country. Yet other companies use the name Federal Pacific to market their own electrical products in foreign countries around the world.

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